What Differences Will You Find Between Betting Exchanges?


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What Differences Will You Find Between Betting Exchanges?

The difference between different types of betting exchange explained in one quick and easy to read post. Know everything about placing your exchange bets.

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Updated on 07 December 2017

Not all betting exchanges are created equal. They differ in terms of the following: 
Number of Customers
Some betting exchanges have more customers than others. For example, Betfair holds the most number of customers in the world of betting exchange. New exchanges, on the other hand, have few customers. These exchanges use different marketing techniques to boost their pool of customers in a short period of time.

Number of Available Markets
Exchanges also differ when it comes to the betting markets they offer. Some exchanges have limited markets. Others, meanwhile, have an extensive “menu” of markets for their clients. The number of markets is not a huge factor for people who want to focus on certain events. However, knowing that you can bet on different kinds of events is always a good thing.
New exchanges use many promotions to attract customers. They consider promotions as useful investments. When the bettors lose the bonus, they will end up spending their own money. Established exchanges, on the other hand, generally have fewer promotions.
The majority of the betting exchanges apply a 5% fee on each winning. This fee can increase or decrease, depending on the exchange you are using. In addition, some exchanges implement additional fees such as premium charges.

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