Sports Betting Methods - How to Approach Sports Betting and Sports Investing


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Sports Betting Methods - How to Approach Sports Betting and Sports Investing

Find out why a sports betting mindset of a investor might help with your sports betting methods and selection strategies over the long-term.

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Updated on 08 December 2017

Sports betting and sports investing are complex activities. You can’t expect to win (and earn) much if you make wagers recklessly. Rather, you need to make sports betting and/or sports investing as methodical as possible. With a specific approach, you can simplify these activities and get more from them. This article will teach you the right approach to achieve your sports betting goals.

The Right Sports Betting Mindset

The best sports betting approach is to understand how you think and take your instincts with a pinch of salt. Your intuition can help or hinder your progress towards betting profit…Sometimes our brains can fool us, so we need to review real evidence before reaching conclusions.

Successful sports bettors, traders and profitable gamblers in general often make decisions that go against their intuition. As a sports bettor, you should adopt new ideas and new behaviours to keep gradually improving your progress.

The way you respond to different situations may determine your overall chances of surviving in the betting world. The choice to maintain your discipline in the face of a long losing streak or the decision to bet a large part of your bankroll on a favourite; are just a couple of scenarios, which may provide a glimpse into your mindset and indicate if sports betting is the right choice for you.
The right mindset consists of the following:

Accept Risks: Your return ultimately depends on the risk involved. The higher the risks, the higher the return. That means you should consider risks as an inherent part of betting. Try to minimise the risks whenever possible, as the last thing you want to do is to take unnecessary and uncalculated risks.

Continue Learning: Don’t be satisfied with what you currently know. Do more research about the latest betting markets, the hot trends and learn from other successful sports bettors. If you continue upgrading your knowledge and skills, you will have an excellent chance of becoming a successful bettor, but it sometimes requires more effort than we may like to admit...

Acknowledge Mistakes: You are almost certain to make mistakes. Errors are a natural part of sports betting (and life in general), so don’t let your mistakes prevent you from success. Rather, consider them as learning opportunities and strive to maintain a steady understanding of the different markets. Someone great, once said that knowledge is power, and this statement is very true when it comes to sports betting. So, long as you maintain discipline and learn from mistakes then it is possible to make steady progress and master sports betting or trading. 

Embrace Uncertainty: Irrespective of the many sports betting techniques on the Internet, you can never be certain that an outcome will occur, even if every online tipster agrees on the selection. The nature of sports betting suggests that an investment in time and market understanding needs to take place and embracing uncertainty will naturally flow from your ongoing experience. Do not try to win big quickly, as this is very rarely a winning strategy, but careful practice of your craft may positive yield returns in the near future.

Sports Betting as an Investment Strategy

Betting is a form of investing. It is risky, yes, but so is the stock market, the real estate market, and other forms of investment. When it comes to using money to earn more money, risks are always present. That means you don’t have to limit yourself to the “official” forms of investment. If you enjoy sports, and you have the desire to learn how to earn money while watching your favourite players, then sports investing is a valid approach. 

Sports investing and recreataional betting should it treated equally with the others form of investment and it should receive the same respect, as financial losses can (and often do) occur. 

Not many sensible people believe a random purchase stocks or real estate without understanding the either market would be a successful approach to making a profit. Therefore, sports betting should be considered with the same level of detail, as the outcome is uncertain and careful research is required before committing real funds on a wager.

Sports investing is like placing long-term bets. Instead of concerning yourself with the result of some games, you’ll look at the whole picture to determine your picks and (hopefully) winnings. There are three main approaches to sports investing. These approaches are:

Momentum Investing: The overall performance of the contest participants isn’t important, as you’re more interested in the participants’ current performance. 

Contrarian Investing: Choose this approach if you want to bet on the underdogs. You naturally win when an “upset” occurs.

Value Investing: In this approach, you place bets on the most valuable selection based on your understanding of the market and belief that an outcome has a greater than the bookmaker odds suggest.

An increasing number of people rely upon sports betting and sports investing to earn extra money, which provides a number of opportunities, but also a number of risks. It would be sensible to increase your knowledge and your your experience, as this will provide you with a better chance of winning more selections than you lose.

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