A Few Basic Betting Strategies for Newbies


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A Few Basic Betting Strategies for Newbies

Recap basic betting strategies that work before progress to more advanced strategies, which may require a deeper understanding of sports betting

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Updated on 08 December 2017

Betting becomes more popular as years go by. Technological advancements, such as computers and the internet, make betting more accessible and attractive. In this article, you’ll learn the basic techniques and strategies that punters use. You can use the information you’ll find here in offline and online betting.

Remember that betting is basically an activity that relies on the outcome of an event. Your goal is to predict the result of an event and wager your funds accordingly. If you are a basketball fan, for instance, you may predict the result of a game or series and bet your money on it. If your prediction is right, you’ll win. If you were wrong, you’ll lose.

Betting requires more than just luck, however. Having a strategy is nice, particularly if you want to earn money while having fun. The basic techniques and strategies that you can use while betting are:

Look for Excellent Odds

Betting exchanges differ in terms of the odds (or spreads) they offer. If you want to increase your winning chances and potential earnings, you should have access to a lot of odds. And you can achieve that by opening an account with different betting exchanges. Compare the odds and find the best one before making any bet.

Bet Against the Masses

Experienced punters consider this as an old but effective betting strategy. It is easy to implement: you’ll just place your bets against the public’s favourite. This won’t give you profits 100% of the time. But it can generate considerable returns in the long run.

This strategy works because it relies on human psychology. People tend to bet on the favourites. If they have to choose between the favourite and the underdog, they will likely pick the former. This tendency becomes more serious whenever the media over-hypes the clear favourites. Bookmakers consider this fact in shading their odds.

Look for Significant Line Movements

Keep your eyes open for surprising and notable line movements that are felt in the entire betting market. These changes occur because large amounts of money are placed in different betting platforms. This considerable flow of cash are caused by people (e.g. betting syndicates) who want to lay their money heavily in different platforms.

Exploit Off-Market Prices

In some cases, bookies and betting platforms offer unique odds, which you won’t be able to find across other betting markets. There are three possible causes for this:1. The bookmaker sees the event in a unique perspective.2. The bookmaker received few/many wagers for a particular participant in the event.3. The bookmaker thinks that the unique odds and/or lines will generate better profits.

For instance, many people placed their bets on the favourite. The bookmaker may alter the line to discourage future wagers on the said entry. This change will likely increase the value of bets placed on the underdog. In this situation, betting on the underdog is a nice strategy.

Luck plays an important role in betting. There is no accurate way of predicting the performance of the players involved in a sports event. Things can go wrong, even if it’s the finals and two of the best teams are playing. But that doesn’t mean you’ll base your bets on luck alone. There are techniques and strategies that you can use to make your bets logical and organized. The information you found in this article should help you increase your chances of winning.

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