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Find the most successful bets with this simple payout chart

Do you know the best odds to back for frequent payouts?

Updated on 28 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: betting hints and tips

Use this quick odds payout chart to balance your returns and your risk

What is Expected Value and how to calculate soccer betting Expected Value (EV)?

How to find the truth behind the bookmaker odds with Expected Value

Updated on 24 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: Bookmakers, odds

Learn the best way to measure potential betting profits with Expected Value

Why 100% soccer predictions and sure 2.0+ predictions are never 100% accurate?

Why are sure soccer predictions never 100% accurate?

Updated on 18 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: betting zone

Get the inside track and find out why sure 2.0 predictions cannot be accurate

Get soccer hints for low risk and easy bets to win money

Simple and straightforward soccer hints to win low risk football bets

Updated on 15 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: betting strategy

Easy to find soccer bets for simple approach to win football bets at low risk

Can bookies refuse to pay out when you know how to win big on football bets?

Find out why some bookies may not pay out when you win?

Updated on 14 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: Bookmakers

Why bookies could keep your winnings and what you can do about it?

What is 1X2 Betting?

Everyone bets 1X2, but do you really know all the 1X2 gotchas?

Updated on 09 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: betting tips and tricks

Step by step soccer betting using the 1X2 market

The best way to bet on football accumulators to beat the bookies

Learn how to select your next football accumulator/acca by breaking things down into single bets

Updated on 08 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: betting strategy

Discover the best way to use a singles betting selection strategy to choose your next acca

Can soccer betting make you rich?

What are the soccer betting options, which can help you become a more successful soccer bettor?

Updated on 03 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: betting zone

What do you have to do to become successful at soccer betting?

10 reasons how soccer betting can be profitable

Learn how to profit. 10 good habits sometimes missed by thousands of soccer bettors...

Updated on 02 July 2018
Author: iwinsoccerbets
Tags: betting zone

The 10 things you need to know before you place any soccer bets

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Soccer betting system basics and the nil-nil betting system

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Understand betting systems; bet against nil-nil (0-0) draws
- Updated: 12 November 2018 | betting strategy

What are the Differences Between Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting?

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Matched Betting vs Arbitrage Betting – who wins?
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Casinos and bookmakers are similar; do not fall into their trap

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Take control; how Casinos and bookmakers take your money
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What is hedging and why are hedge bets used in gambling?

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What is hedging and how to perform hedge betting?
- Updated: 08 November 2018 | betting strategy

What is lay betting? Learn the lay bet basics

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Learn lay betting basics and when to lay bet
- Updated: 04 November 2018 | betting strategy

How to find smart tips by following the smart money flows

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Using smart tips from high-rollers to become a smarter punter
- Updated: 03 November 2018 | betting strategy

Is the Kelly Criterion the only viable option for your gambling stake?

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Comparing the Kelly Criterion with other betting stake options
- Updated: 31 October 2018 | algorithms, bankroll

How to recognise the maths of football and football betting mathematics?

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

The differences between football betting formulas and football maths
- Updated: 31 October 2018 | algorithms

How to calculate winnings from betting odds and observed odds?

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Calculating your winnings from bookmaker odds and observed odds
- Updated: 27 October 2018 | trends, odds

Become a professional trader using the Betfair betting exchange

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

How to become a Betfair exchange trading and value betting success?
- Updated: 24 October 2018 | betfair, membership

A newbie betting guide for football staking plans

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Choose your next football staking plan with this betting guide
- Updated: 18 October 2018 | betting zone

How to create football betting systems and prediction models

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Are betting systems and prediction models realistic?
- Updated: 16 October 2018 | trends, Model

What is a sure bet? How to find a sure bet from bookmaker odds

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Learn how to check your sure bets and calculate them
- Updated: 15 October 2018 | betting tips and tricks

The Betfair Premium Charge; why it matters and what you can do about it?

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Will the Betfair Premium Charge reduce your long-term profits?
- Updated: 14 October 2018 | betfair, odds

Is arbitrage betting legal? Does arbitrage betting work?

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Are you breaking the law using arbitrage betting?
- Updated: 12 October 2018 | betting zone

Learn how to be a good punter without needing betting secrets

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Learn how to become good at soccer betting using simple advice
- Updated: 09 October 2018 | betting zone

Top 20 rules of gambling and how to protect yourself from mistakes

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Stay on track with the top 20 rules of betting
- Updated: 08 October 2018 | betting zone

What is form? How to use football betting form to decide your next wager

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

What does form mean in football and how to use it?
- Updated: 06 October 2018 | betting strategy

How to beat the bookies football betting; a former bookmaker’s view

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Learn how to use football betting to beat the bookmaker
- Updated: 05 October 2018 | Bookmakers

Reduce your betting mistakes and make more from your soccer betting

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Stop newbie betting mistakes and extend your bankroll
- Updated: 04 October 2018 | betting hints and tips

How to make a good bet and find good bets

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

What makes a good bet and how to find them
- Updated: 03 October 2018 | betting zone

How to win a bet on football

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Step by Step: How to win a bet on Football
- Updated: 02 October 2018 | betting strategy

All you need to know about soccer betting stake, ROI yield

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Everything you need to know about soccer betting wager, stake, ROI yield
- Updated: 26 September 2018 | betting zone

How do betting companies make money?

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

How do different betting companies make money from you?
- Updated: 22 September 2018 | Bookmakers

Can you trust bookmaker odds?

(by iwinsoccerbets)   

Are bookmakers hiding something? What are the true odds?
- Updated: 20 September 2018 | Bookmakers