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Win more bets with the best free soccer predictions 365 days a year

Take more cash from your bookie with accurate football advice. Immediately win more bets by following three easy tips and increase your winning strike rate.

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Updated on 13 January 2018

Betting Tips for Today's Football

Find more value in your next football bet. You could gain a betting edge by checking out the tips and stats for today's and tomorrow's fixtures...

Do you want to earn more cash from your rich bookmaker? If you’re living within a country, which allows legal tax free betting income; you can bet with bookmakers and make additional tax free cash.

Earning a living with professional betting is the dream of every soccer fan. We all want to be at the stadium, watching the big match on the pub TV and earning real betting cash without working.

This sounds like something that anyone can do, but the real truth is that most people fail to earn any money over the long-term. So, if you have a plan you can stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of betting returns. 365 days a year of winning soccer predictions only works if you can follow a number of simple rules, which are usually ignored (or unknown) by the majority of sports bettors. That way you can walk away with more of that real bookie cash.

However, winning against the bookmakers every day is sometime unrealistic. Long-term betting returns using free soccer predictions will only happen if you stay focussed, understand sports betting odds and you follow three simple rules:

1. Follow teams with consistent home team performance
2. Over 1.5 Home team goals scored within a recent run of matches
3. Don’t worry about the odds

1. A consistent home performance is the key to the best free soccer predictions 365 days a year

The home team usually wins the match. If we take a look at the English Premier League, we can see that the home team has won over 40% of matches throughout the entire season!

* 2015-2016: 43% Home Win

* 2014-2015: 45% Home Win

* 2013-2014: 47% Home Win

Selecting the home team appears really easy to follow, but it’s also easy to forget. Consistency of long-term home team performance will eventually determine the league position. This means the league table is fair and provides you with the real detail of a team’s consistency.

If you take home team consistency one step further and monitor the home league form for your betting selection. The recent home team performance will also identify the current home trend. This is where you should switch off the television and ignore the sports pundits. Your eyes can be a more trusted advisor than a retired player.

So, if you were to select the Home team within every single English Premier League fixture, you would win over 40% of the time. Now, if you use this as a basis for selecting winners then it would immediately remove a large selection of options that are more likely to end up with you losing your money.

2. How many goals has the home team scored within their recent matches?

Winning more than you lose from the best free soccer predictions 365 days a year is not an easy activity. Checking out the recent goal scoring record of the home team will help you discover more value fixtures. If the home team has scored over 1.5 goals a game within their recent matches, then this should signify the team is freely scoring and if the performance continues then they should be expected to continue scoring goals. Over the long-term this method is likely to select more home winners than losers.

However, you will be able to use a few simple rules for quickly and accurately selecting winners from a lot of betting options. If you’re able to think about betting as a long-term activity, then you’re more likely to come up with more and more realistic options for 1X2 football betting. More realistic translates to more winnings from your bookie!

3. Forget about the odds and instead check out the performance

Yes. I know, this may sound counter-intuitive and you’re probably thinking this is complete nonsense. This only make sense if you consider each bet as part of a portfolio of bets. Accas are different, so let’s assume we’re talking about each home win selection as being part of a portfolio of many single home win bets.

Register and use the free tips within this website or your preferred website for hints and tips. Then you can use your free information and your knowledge to create a portfolio of realistic betting options.

Winning a small amount from a large number of small bets is similar to winning a large amount from a small bet. It is not only similar, but an increasingly likely occurrence. If you’re able to find free and consistent selections for 365 days a year; you can use the soccer predictions and match day tips to create a portfolio of realistic selections, which are more likely to be accurate over the long-term. The increased accuracy and likelihood of each result means that you’re giving yourself an increased possibility of winning bets over time.

Find out more within the member area; where you can get access to Home Win, Away Win, Goals Over/Under and Lay Bet selections.

Good Luck!

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