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How can you win with free football bet tips?

How to win soccer bets when you don't have the time to research online tipsters?

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Updated on 20 January 2016

Betting Tips for Today's Football

Find more value in your next football bet. You could gain a betting edge by checking out the tips and stats for today's and tomorrow's fixtures...

Who wants to work for money? We all work for money every day, so why should we have to work for our sports betting? These guys just pick who will win a football match and anyone can do that, right?!

You find a free tipster online and you like their past results, you look at their Twitter feed, you check their Facebook page and you think you’ve found a winner. You monitor their results for a week or two and it looks like this free tipster can do it. They can make you money for nothing!

You pull the trigger and place some money on one of their picks. You didn’t read about the match, but it sounds reasonable. After all, they’ve gone with a favourite and the bookmakers seem to agree. It’s only a few quid and you’ve covered your bet with a couple of dead certs based on match reports and TV pundits.

The tipster’s pick wins! Their tips and selections appear to be right on the money. You go with a few more of their options; this time a double, the next time an accumulator. It seems a little risky, but what the hell. You double up and go for it. Another win and now you’re feeling even more confident.

Again and again it seems to go your way with the occasional losing run, but it’s alright; one of the big accumulators will come off soon…You can still win your money back. You just need one of the accas to come off.

You keep plugging away with the free tips. You’ve sunk enough money into this tipster and they should pull out of their slump soon… Does this sound familiar? We’ve all done it with real stakes (or imaginary money).

Unfortunately, the beauty of statistics mean that you could have long, long losing periods and if you don’t understand the stats behind a losing run or a winning run a free tipster can provide whatever they want!

Our recommendation is to only use free tips where you can get lots of information or alternatively, keep your own records. It’s hard to gauge how well or poorly you’re really doing, if you’re unable to answer the following questions:

How many times have their tips lost? How much money did they lose? What’s their success rate? How many times have they won? How do they choose their tips? Do they advise a betting bank? Is there a recommended stake? Do they make money from bookmakers? (i.e. Do they make money if you lose money?)

If you can’t find an answer to everything above, it means the free tips are not provided by a person/group/entity that treats your money as seriously as their money. If someone gives something away for free and they cannot demonstrate a detailed results list and an advised tips list (before the matches have started) should not be trusted. It’s easy to give something away for free if there are no consequences.

In our opinion, the best way to be successful with picks is to have as much information as possible alongside the selections. The free tipster should answer all of the questions above and also provide you with detailed profit and loss information, advised/realistic odds, statistics and demonstrate that using their tips will provide a long-term profit, which has to be backed up by their tips/picks that are shown to the public before the event.

Making long-term soccer predictions 365 and 24x7 money from sports betting requires professionalism and even those tipsters or pundits that provide you with a professional service, an information rich environment and a full results area should be thoroughly evaluated BEFORE risking your money. If there are no consequences to providing poor tips then why should the tipster provide you with information for you to make a judgement?

Good Luck!

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