Join affiliate scheme with accurate soccer predictions


Join affiliate scheme with accurate soccer predictions

If you love sport, enjoy betting, would like to help people, or you just want extra income; then you’re in the right place. You don’t need any technical knowledge and you can simply use your social media profiles, pages, blog, personal website or other platform to promote the iWinSoccerBets online betting tips product.

Our aim is to develop the most useful online sports tipping product and we need you to help us get there. So, if the prospect of earning extra money and joining people just like you is of interest; then we would love to welcome you to the iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme.

You want to earn extra money and we want to provide you with tools to make this happen, so take a few moments to look through the iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme Overview and we can get you up and running, as quickly as possible.

  • Affiliate Scheme Overview
  • Affiliate Scheme FAQs
  • Affiliate Scheme Payments
  • Affiliate Terms and Conditions

iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme Overview

You don’t need more complications, so we’ve made the iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme as simple and straightforward as possible.

  1. Affiliate Scheme Sign Up
  2. Clickable Content
  3. Community

Affiliate Scheme Sign Up

This is simple…

If you’re an iWinSoccerBets a FREE Tips or a VIP Tips members then you simply have to click on the iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme link and select the checkbox to join the scheme and accept the Terms and Conditions. After that, you can start promoting iWinSoccerBets and make extra money instantly. It’s that simple!

If you’re not an iWinSoccerBets FREE Tips of VIP Tips member. You simply have to sign up for a FREE Tips member account and then select the iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme link. You can be registered and promoting as an affiliate in minutes!

Clickable Content

This is even easier than your sign up. You simply copy and paste the links, banners or other content and place them within your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other location. Your followers will click on the link or other content and will be directed to


Join our community by blogging about your experiences, following and liking us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Your ability to earn money through the iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme and make money with the iWinSoccerBets FREE Tips and iWinSoccerBets VIP Tips is important to us.

You can help us to make a difference and provide the betting public with accurate betting selections and you can make money in the process.

iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme FAQs

What is an Affiliate Scheme?

An Affiliate Scheme provides you with financial benefit for promoting a product or service.

How can I become a iWinSoccerBets Affiliate?

Simply sign up for a FREE Tips or a VIP Tips account, select Affiliate and confirm you’ve agreed to the terms of the scheme. It’s that simple!

I’m not from the UK. Can I join?

Yes. The iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme is open to anyone over 18 years of age. The country does not matter; you just have to sign up and become an affiliate and you’re ready to go.

Is there a limit to the content I can use?

You can use as much as you need to successfully promote iWinSoccerBets and earn more money.

Are there any limits to earnings?

You can earn as much as you want. You just have to promote iWinSoccerBets to people over 21 years of age. The more people that sign up through your links and clickable content, the greater chance you have to earn Affiliate payments.

Where can I promote iWinSoccerBets?

Pretty much anywhere. Although, iWinSoccerBets reserves the right to request that you remove links from online areas that we deem to be unsatisfactory or within an inappropriate location.

Why would I want to become an iWinSoccerBets Affiliate? What’s in it for me?

You can add extra income with your normal day-to-day life on the Internet. Why not provide friends, family, customers or partners who may be interested in sports, betting or financial trading with the option to choose another product that may help them do what they’re already doing?

How will you link people that click my links with me?

We place a cookie on the device of the personal that clicked your link. This cookie will last for 60 days and if the person returns to iWinSoccerBets and makes a purchase within 60 days, you will receive 35% of anything that they buy from that point onwards.

So, if you direct someone to and they make a purchase once a month for 12 months; you would receive 35% of the revenue from that the user, every single month following each 30 day settling period.

What if another affiliate sends the same person to

The first person to send someone to will be provided with the revenue generated by that person. This is controlled by the cookie on the person’s computer, which will not save another affiliate cookie until the initial 60 days has expired.

I can’t see my question. How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact us by using the contact form. Send your query, concern or feedback and we will get back to you very soon. The iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme is here to help you succeed with your affiliate business.

How can I tell who has used my Clickable Content?

When you sign up as an iWinSoccerBets Affiliate, you can view all of the clicks on your Clickable Content within the Affiliate area of the website. This will allow you to track the clicks that you generate, the number of people that have paid for iWinSoccerBets products or services and where your customers find your Clickable Content.

iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Scheme Payments

How much do I get paid?

You will get 35% of all revenue generated by subscribers using clickable content on your website, blog, social media profile, page or other online location.

How do I get paid?

PayPal is our payment provider and payments will be provided 30 days after someone that clicks one of your links makes an authorised payment with iWinSoccerBets. This will prevent issues with refunds and unsuccessful payments or mistakes, which makes everyone’s life much easier.

How many links can I use?

You can use all of our clickable content within any website subject to our terms and conditions.

Can I have multiple iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Accounts?

Yes. The number of iWinSoccerBets Affiliate Accounts is up to you. However, each Affiliate Account will require an iWinSoccerBets FREE Tips or VIP Tips account. It might be easier to create customer tags within the Affiliate Portal, so you can track where your customers are clicking.


Affiliate Sign Up

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